Cyber Insurance Professionals Association

On a daily basis, professionals in the cyber insurance industry address complex issues in a changing landscape. CIPA is a non-profit association that provides individuals who have distinguished themselves in the cyber insurance industry, with a platform for collaboration, thought sharing and continued education. CIPA blends “think-tank” like qualities into the association’s education mission.  An understanding of public policy that has influenced the development of past and present insurance products and practices prepares CIPA’s members for the next evolution in the cyber insurance industry. 

Cyber insurance is a highly competitive and evolving market. CIPA focuses on key developments that impact the cyber insurance industry, to ensure its members stay informed about the latest industry trends and evolutions.  It promotes the engagement, interaction and collaboration between CIPA’s members, recognizing that continued advancement of knowledge for all matters relating to cyber insurance benefits both insurers and policyholders.

Consistent with its Mission, there are no dues, membership fees or administrative fees to join CIPA.


CIPA’s mission is to advance its members’ knowledge, understanding and timely awareness of issues and developments in the evolving cyber insurance industry.

Core Principles

Thirst for Knowledge

Because of the non-static nature of this industry, continuous learning is essential.

Unwavering Support

Unwavering support for the efforts and contributions of fellow CIPA members to improve and advance the industry.

Commitment to Excellence

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. Maintain a personal commitment to excellence during rough seas.

Daily Purpose

Rome was not built in a day. Consistent incremental efforts to expand your knowledge and expertise in the cyber insurance area will have a compounding effect, benefiting you, your company and, ultimately, the insureds.

The Golden Rule

Treat fellow CIPA members as you want to be treated.


CIPA’s Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing, approving and adapting the association’s mission and goals for service to its members.

Executive Director

As a non-profit association with no dues, the Executive Director serves on a volunteer basis. Stephen Bumgarner currently serves as CIPA’s Interim Executive Director.  He enjoys the twists and turns in the cyber insurance industry and embraces challenges presented with the multi-faceted issues impacting cyber insurance.  He’s observed that many cyber insurance professionals, out of necessity, have developed a Swiss Army Knife skillset – being policy wording experts, regulatory experts, technology experts, data breach experts and geopolitical-risk experts.

Stephen is an experienced attorney (aka “old geezer”) who has handled complex insurance and contract matters for many years.  He’s been recognized by The Best Lawyers in America© for his insurance expertise for over a decade.  A shareholder with Maynard Cooper & Gale (his “day job”) [], Stephen’s practice focuses on the defense of data breach and data privacy class actions and other complex litigation matters.  His expertise encompasses the handling of complex issues and disputes at all levels and stages, including analyzing potential risks, resolving disputes before escalation, consulting on regulatory challenges and developments, and representing businesses before regulatory bodies.  He is passionate about the cyber insurance industry and regularly writes about relevant issues and developments.  

He can be reached at